Two PhD defences on the 27th of August 2018

Fengjiao Peng (at 11.00h):

The PhD thesis of Fengjiao Peng is entitled “Ecological risks of personal care ingredients for subtropical benthic invertebrates”. Her thesis consists of two chapters on a chemical and biological monitoring study performed in sub-tropical China, and four chapters on the results of microcosm studies performed using benthic invertebrates to assess the effects of personal care ingredients on the benthic invertebrates and the microbial community, the influence of benthic invertebrates on the fate of the chemicals as well as their bioaccumulation and biotransformation in benthic invertebrates. Paul will be the promotor and Professor Guang-Guo Ying from the South China Normal University will be the co-promotor.

Kizar Sumon (at 16.00h)

The PhD thesis of Kizar Sumon is entitled “Effects of insecticides on aquatic ecosystems in Bangladesh”. His thesis consists of one modelling chapter evaluating the ecological risks of pesticide use in rice-prawn systems in Bangladesh, one chapter on a chemical monitoring programme on the risks of insecticides, one chapter on a microcosm study performed with imidacloprid in Bangladesh and two chapters on the effects of chlorpyrifos on fish. Paul will be the promotor and Dr. Roel Bosma (AF-WU, Dr. Edwin Peeters (AEW-WU) and Dr. Harunur Rashid (Bangladesh Agricultural University) will be the co-promotors.