Channel Title Date
Spraakmakers on the National Radio 1 What is the quality of the surface water? (in Dutch) 13-09-2023
Newspaper “de Volkskrant” The water quality of the Rhine is getting worse instead of better (in Dutch) 05-09-2023
Newspaper “De Gelderlander” Polluted Enka Groundwater remains a problem for Ede residential areas: ‘Not a pleasant idea if I lived there’ (in Dutch) 27-06-2023
Magazine of Wageningen University & Research No ENKA pipeline, but concerns remain (in Dutch) 16-03-2023
Newspaper “De Gelderlander” Many question about the cancellation of the ENKA grease pipe (in Dutch) 08-03-2023
Pointer Radio on the National Radio 1 The ENKA grease pipe (min 31, in Dutch) 12-02-2023
Nieuws en Co on the National Radio 1 Effects of psychopharmaceutics on aquatic ecosystems (in Dutch, min 17-21, in Dutch) 30-01-2023
Magazine of Wageningen University & Research A big fail for water quality (in Dutch) 20-12-2022
Newspaper “De Gelderlander” Experts baffled by polluted groundwater discharged from Enka factory on the Rhine (in Dutch) 30-09-2022
Newspaper “de Volkskrant” Water quality in the Netherlands is at the bottom of the European ranking – is it really that bad? (in Dutch) 03-06-2022
Newspaper “de Volkskrant” Insects retain more and longer heavy pesticides than thought (in Dutch) 16-12-2021
Newspaper “de Volkskrant” Water quality is below average almost everywhere in the Netherlands: new ‘nitrogen-like debacle’ threatens (in Dutch) 18-11-2021
Investigative Journalism Platform “Follow the Money” Toxicologist Tennekes was right about bee deaths all along (in Dutch) 18-04-2020
Newspaper “de Volkskrant” An alarming study on insect venom is ‘just too late’ to be able to approve the drug (in Dutch) 14-05-2019
Newspaper “de Volkskrant” Dutch ditches, streams and canals are a lot dirtier than we think (in Dutch) 07-03-2019
Television news provided by the Dutch NOS broadcasting organisation Neonicotinoids (in Dutch) 09-04-2015
Newspaper “de Volkskrant” Devastation by insecticides turns out to be bigger than thought (in Dutch) 09-04-2015
Newspaper “NRC” Poison plague: first the bees, now the birds (in Dutch) 12-07-2014
Newspaper “de Volkskrant” Insects and birds disappear because of poison (in Dutch) 10-07-2014